Level: Intermediate | Style: Mixed Style

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Translates as 'Scissors.'

Move Background

The idea is to trap the other player between your legs and lever him over.

Step by step guide

  • Step with your left foot beside your partner's right foot and cross your other leg behind.
  • This resembles the initial Vingativa position except that your legs get crossed and you plant your feet just the other way round.
  • Your upper body is facing rather downwards, but your head keeps looking at the opponent.
  • The right hand stays firmly on the ground, the left hand can be also put down if you prefer.
  • Get really close to your partner's leg, because the throw works better when performed with the thighs rather than with the lower legs.
  • Once you are properly aligned, throw your left arm fiercely around.
  • This should make your upper body and finally your hips and legs rotate to your left (counter-clockwise).
  • Now your partner should start to fall over behind. Rotate further on until your left hand touches the ground.
  • Lift off your right hand and do the rolĂȘ over your partner's stomach.
  • If he struggling to get free you may nail him with your left knee in his belly and fake a knee strike (right leg) at his face.
  • The player who gets thrown with a Tesoura is advised to make the fall as soft as possible and to cross his arms in some distance in front of his face because of a possible incoming Joelhada (knee blow).

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