Capoeira & The Art of Freedom

Capoeira is a history of the oppressed, fighting for their freedom, a martial art disguised as a dance to empower the enslaved. Used in the struggle for freedom, it proved to be a revolutionary force changing the course of history. With time Capoeira evolved into a way of life, one that can bring people together and strengthen the bonds of community. It is because of this rich & proud history that we promote this magical artform

Capoeira's appeal is best described by seeing it live and in action
Watch the video below for some of best capoeira the world has to offer.


Capoeira is thought to have originated in Brazil in the 16th century. It was widely practiced as a martial art infused ritual dance by the African slaves rebel against their Brazilian masters by training the mind and body. This is why it had inherited its essential elements from the African people, and why it has it deep ties to its accompanying rituals, philosophical principles and historic accounts of its ethnicity described by those who practiced it in the past.

Capoeira has created such hidden moves and musical rhythm, that a player can easily converse with his partner and have a silent dialog to signal approaching danger. During the game the players can explore each others weaknesses and strengths, simply with feints and defensive moves. They overcome fatigue, fear and even feel frustration, but nevertheless enjoy the experience. It's ever increasing popularity, not only in Brazil, but in all corners of the world symbolises the fight against oppression and slavery.

A Beautiful Art Transending Into a Way of Life

Capoeira is a celebration born out of resistance, nearly 500 years ago, against all forms of bondage. The Capoeira circle is considered a very sacred space where dances and songs are performed to communicate messages from master to disciple and thus creating a sense of companionship, brotherhood and identity to an ever expanding community

Through training and leadership, Capoeira was a revolutionary force in breaking the shackles of slavery. La Laue's aim is to promote this glorious tradition and continue the fight against modern-day slavery and isolation.

Like you, we hate the negative relationship with technology serving only as a distraction from self-enlightenment and we believe people are best when we are together, as a community.

Growing a community is our mission and La laue is all about using technology to fight against isolation, inequality and inequity and to fight for freedom for all.

Our Plan is too

  • Promote the proud history and culture of the revolutionary artform that is capoeira
  • Building teacher/class management software to help mestres manage & grow their classes and sell their goods
  • To build the capoeira community, by creating a resource for people who practice capoeira to connect.
  • To be an online tool for learning capoeira.
  • Donate a portion of our profits to charities fighting against slavery.

Join us in our fight to end slavery and help us promote capoeira