Tesoura Angola

Level: Beginner | Style: Angola

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This version of the Tesoura is a good example for the playfulness of Capoeira Angola.

Move Background

Although you might use it for quickly approaching your partner and throwing him with the scissors move described above, it's rather a challenge you propose to your partner. You may start the motion from wherever you like, but Queda de Rins, de Tres or de Quatro are all good occasions.

Step by step guide

  • Commonly performed from negativa or queda-de-rins, the capoeirista goes to a prone position, legs facing the opponent and scissored out, hips twisted to protect the groin, supporting themselves on their hands and toes.
  • They then advance upon the opponent by pushing themselves along with their hands, watching by craning their neck over one shoulder, threatening a tesoura de frente.
  • The opponent is expected to escape, traditionally via an aù or by diving over the attacking capoeirista, possibly going into their own Tesoura Angola upon landing.
  • A more daring escape can be performed by traveling under the attacking capoeirista, optionally striking them with an escorpiã you pass under them.
  • Spread you legs a little and face the floor with your front.
  • The only body parts that make contact with the ground are your feet and your hands.
  • Let your body hang through but nevertheless keep up some tension.
  • Now turn your chest to one side so that your body gets twisted down to your hips.
  • Watch your fellow Capoeirista over your shoulder and push yourself in his direction with the help of your hands.
  • Your feet slide across the floor in an attempt of trapping your partner between them.
  • Your further actions depend on your opponent's reaction:To him the most obvious way of escaping is making an Au to your backside;
  • Because that's where your eyes can't follow him easily. I
  • f he does the Au to your front side, kick him Bênção-like with your lower lying leg.
  • Or try to catch him with with a Cabecada, either way.
  • If he tries to flee through the backdoor you can get on him by rotating your body on one hand and the lower lying leg;
  • Pull your higher leg through underneath and aim your kick him at the stomach/chest area.
  • Alternatively try a Cabecada, but then timing may be critical.
  • Another nice method of countering the Tesoura Angola is sliding through between the attacker's legs with legs first.

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