Tesoura De Costa

Level: Intermediate | Style: Mixed Style

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Literally, Tesoura means scissors.

Move Background

This technique is performed near to the ground with the support of the hands. The movement looks very much like the movement of a pair of scissors where the player places their legs around the opponent in order to take him/her down.T esoura de Costa which is a backward scissor takedown.

Step by step guide

  • A takedown wrapping one leg over the front of the opponent's body near the stomach with the other behind both knees, and then twisting one's own body in the direction the players wants the opponent to fall; usually on their back.

Variations on Tesoura

Learn Capoeira Move Tesoura

Style: Mixed Style
Level: Intermediate
Category : Takedowns

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Tesoura Angola

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Level: Beginner
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Tesoura De Frente

Style: Mixed Style
Level: Intermediate
Category : Takedowns

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