Physical Benefits Of Learning Capoeria

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Physical Benefits Of Learning Capoeria

Capoeira is an ancient, Afro-Brazilian art form that has evolved into one of the most popular martial arts disciplines practised across the globe. This dynamic and incredibly enjoyable style of fighting bears many similarities to dancing and can significantly improve your mental and physical health if practised on a regular basis. Consequently, if you would like to learn capoeira or if you are interested in discovering its health benefits, then listed below are the different ways in which capoeira may improve your physical health:

Reduce stress levels

By participating in regular capoeira classes you can substantially reduce your stress levels. Regardless of whether you practise Capoeira Angola, the traditional style which centres around slow, controlled and grounded movements, or Capoeira Regional, a more modern method incorporating systematic and aerial movements as well as a more defensive stance, you are required to exercise focus and control throughout your entire body. By fixating on performing these movements, you can clear your mind of all your daily stresses, thereby relaxing your entire body and soul.

Increased flexibility

The broad range of movements that are practised when you learn capoeira will help you to increase your physical flexibility. Not only will these movements improve your form and mobility but they will also strengthen your muscles and joints, which will lower your risk of sustaining injuries in the future.

Improved cardiovascular health and stamina levels

Due to the vast array of repeated movements and strength poses that are carried out during each lesson, the act of capoeira requires you to exercise a wide range of muscles groups at a rapid pace. These exercises expend a substantial amount of energy which will, in turn, boost your stamina levels. Moreover, these movements will increase the blood and oxygen circulation around your body, a process which will improve your cardiovascular health for many years to come.

Increase your physical strength

Similarly to increasing your flexibility, the range of moves that are carried out in capoeira classes, such as rolls, tensed poses and dynamic movements, will improve your endurance levels in addition to your core and upper body strength.

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