The Impacts Of Capoeira In Society

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The Impacts Of Capoeira In Society


We want to take a closer look at the impacts of capoeira in society. The role it plays in bringing people closer together and the efforts that many capoeira communities work on to bring about awareness to important causes.

Most people would think of Capoeira as another martial arts sport. Another way to get fit and learn the art of self-defense. But the truth is - capoeira is more than that. You could probably think of it as a social club with the benefits of learning great fighting skills and gaining self-confidence.

However, most importantly, capoeira is a loving community. It is built on the united strengths of the people. So having said that - let's take a look at the ways that capoeira creates an impact on our society.

Giving Hope to Refugees

If you understand the roots of capoeira, then you will remember that this dance martial arts came from the difficult days of slavery. Therefore, they have created a way to entertain themselves from the hard truth of reality while arming themselves with a defence mechanism.

So, when you become part of a capoeira society, you don't just master the game. But you also learn about the values and struggles that developed deeply into the art. Hence, in a similar spirit, Capoeira4refugees has spread the love and ideas of capoeira to the world. Their focus is on supporting children in war and conflict zones.

The aim is to help these children recover from the traumas of war. Bringing them music, friendship and emotional support. They also provide a platform for the public to be part of their programme in so many different ways. Some of which includes corporate partnerships, pro-bono consultations and fundraising activities.

Safe Haven for the Young and Vulnerable

We all know what it's like to be young - overloaded with energy. Infused with the hunger to chase your dreams. Unfortunately, for so many youngsters, those important crossroads in life doesn't always uncover the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It can often feel like the whole world is ganging up on you.

The youth are faced with all sorts of challenges - from peer pressure to emotional manipulation. But most of the time it's a simple case of boredom. That in turn leads to reckless behaviour.

That's why, in 2009, a Los Angeles’ gang reduction and youth development program called Summer Night Lights started a Free Community Capoeira Program. The aim of the program is to resolve social problems related to gang violence amongst the youth of the city. They offer youngsters and their families the opportunity to learn capoeira in a fun and safe space.

The Summer Night Lights always had a great turnout - that when the initial program came to an end, people were asking for it to be continued.

The voices were heard and the popular program resumed. It was even acknowledged by juvenile justice advocates and community leaders as a unique way to deter gang activities amongst the youth.

The program continues to give out free capoeira classes and spread their influences all around Los Angeles.

Capoeira Promotes Equality

The great thing about any capoeira community is that we accept everyone. There is no discrimination in the capoeira society. And there are no exceptions. So it doesn’t matter about your physical or mental differences. Everyone is always welcome to join the capoeira circle. And you will find that it is the same whether you are practising capoeira in Rio de Janeiro or if you are a capoeirista in London

To prove this point, the School of Capoeira - Furrupa in collaboration with SESSAD (Special Education and Home Care Service) has come together to go beyond disabilities. The project focuses on teaching Capoeira to people with disabilities.

Since every student is gifted with their own abilities, they are free to evolve at their own pace. This groundbreaking effort has widened the capoeira roda to a whole new spectrum.

It Does Not End There

That was just a very small sample of capoeira communities that create a huge impact in society. In fact, we challenge you to seek out a capoeira class near you and join the community. We can guarantee that they will welcome you with open arms. Then we would love for you to come back here, and share with us the stories of your capoeira experiences.

Join us in our fight to end slavery and help us promote capoeira