Mixing Yoga And Capoeira

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Mixing Yoga And Capoeira

Capoeira Yoga: The Ultimate Mind Body Connection

With every stretch of the muscle, there is strength. Every twist and bend shows balance. Each movement relaxes the mind and body. These are routines that flow with music: Capoeira and Yoga. These are powerful forces that work in parallel towards giving you the healthy, fit lifestyle you deserve. Capoeira and Yoga have been, for many years, the ultimate tandem as advanced exercise routines. Apart from the obvious health benefits we get from such exercises, each one also has a unique history that could equally entice practitioners into continually practicing each craft. Although they have almost the same effect on the body, each one has a different approach into achieving such targets.

The Fusion

The fusion of capoeira and yoga incorporates physical and spiritual components that are very much aligned. The binding of these two culturally rich disciplines brings a new dimension to this old practice. Over the years there have been many fusions of using capoeira moves with flowing yoga, which have complemented each other very well. Flexibility, which one can gain by yoga, is an important attribute not to be overlooked. It makes a lot of difficult capoeira moves possible, and others significantly easier. Here are some yoga exercises and moves that are great for capoeira.

Yoga is much harder than most people give it credit to. It is the most efficient way to improve flexibility and can have a dramatic positive impact on one's capoeira game. The wide variety of yoga styles allows you to find one that matches both your personality and ability level.

The words Ginga and Rasteira conjure up images of capoeira. They are the basic and most familiar moves identified with this form. Yoga goes a long way to improve your capoeira, and with careful and constant practice is a boon for all capoeiristas.

Yogaeira comes with myriads of benefits for your mind and body. They both get the attention they deserve. While the yoga aspect helps maintain flexibility and balance, the capoeira part helps to improve your movements and boost confidence.

Capoeira (\"kap-a-whera\") is best described as a  living kaleidoscope of movement, dance, and martial art performed by two persons doing seemingly impossible, graceful and acrobatic dances, with arms, legs and occasional dreadlocks flying everywhere. This cultural expression of freedom and expression combined with the gentle and fluid motion of yoga asanas has managed to infuse renewed excitement and vigour to the game of Capoeira.

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