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Mestre Museu
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Fundação Internacional Capoeira Artes das Gerais (Founder)

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Mestre Museu

Mestre Museu started practicing capoeira in 1975 as part of a social project then led by Mestre Toninho Bocao near the Paraiso Stadium. Back then, little attention was paid to the game itself, it was mainly the kicks that counted. In 1979 he met a powerful capoeirista called Mestre Reinaldo. Mestre Museu was his first student. He trained with him until 1992, when Mestre Rei decided to continue his work in another group from Rio de Janeiro.

In 1992, Mestre Museu founded the Fundacao Internacional Capoeira Artes das Gerais (FICAG) group and since then his star has been shining brighter and brighter.

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Ginga E Balança

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