Fundação Internacional Capoeira Artes Das Gerais

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Fundação Internacional Capoeira Artes Das Gerais

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Fundação Internacional Arte das Gerais is a non-profit organization, created 25 years ago (1992) and under the direction of Mestre Museu, headquartered in the city of Belo Horizonte-MG, with the objective of spreading Brazilian culture through the capoeira. For its activities, among others, through the practice of exercises, musicality and the transfer of historical knowledge and values ​​of citizenship, it is revealed as a true instrument of social integration, working to promote it with all classes. In the city of Mariana, FICAG has been carrying out its activities for 16 years under the direction of the graduate TUCA (Antonio Aquino Isabel).

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Fundacao Internacional Capoeira Artes Das Gerais


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