Fundacao Internacional Capoeira Artes Das Gerais

The founder of the Polish branch of the Simon FICAG Strba (today known as Professor Coxinha ), a man considered one of the pioneers of capoeira in our country. Although he comes from Chorzów and he made his first steps there as early as 1997, in 2001 he made a decision to set up his own section away from home. On June 2, he conducted the first training session (in the hall at Nowy Świat Street) for a new Warsaw group and we consider this day to be our birthday. Even then we called simply Artes das Gerais , and the leaders of our groups around the world were Mestres Museu and Nem. In the summer 2004 years, we decided to move under the wing of the first and from then on we call the Fundação Internacional Capoeira Artes das Gerais .

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