Level: Beginner | Style: Mixed Style

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Pronounced “Ahr-Mah-dah”, it is a spinning outside crescent kick.

Move Background

Armada is one of the most widely seen kicks in capoeira. It is a very flashy kick that draws a lot of attention and is very cool to see in a Capoeira game. In the world of capoeira, Armada is one of the most complicated kicks to throw for beginners. The reason is the great demand on balance, coordination, and flexibility to perform the kick correctly.

Step by step guide

  • An armada is a reverse roundhouse kick, also described as a spinning inside to outside crescent kick.
  • It can be either a Rabo-de-Arraia without the hands supporting on the floor (the head falls below the waist and the kick is executed with the heel), or a Meia lua de Costas (halfmoon from the back), a spinning kick with the body upright.
  • The striking surface is usually the outside blade of the kicking foot.
  • A queixada and armada are executed in exactly the same way with the exception of the armada beginning with a step to the right or left before releasing the kick.
  • The power of the armada actually comes from the torque placed on the hips from the spin.
  • It is executed by stepping to the front (with right leg in this case) and letting the upper continue rotating until the front is visible again over the left shoulder.
  • The weight is transferred into the leg closer to the front which would be the right leg in this example.
  • The left leg is then released and swung towards the front in a circular motion until it comes back to the starting position

Variations on Armada

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