Armada Dupla

Level: Advanced | Style: Mixed Style

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Armada dupla literally means double armada.

Move Background

The distinguishing feature of this move is the fact that both legs remain together during the take off, execution, and landing. After the take off, the torso stays upright and vertical, but will begin to quickly torque in order to swing the legs around and upwards. At the peak of this move, the body is in the shape of a "V". The legs continue to swing over as the body straightens out for the landing. In tricking, this move is called a double leg. Along with the Meia Lua Compasso and Au Malandro/Batida, the armada dupla one of the trademark kicks unique to the art capoeira.

Step by step guide

  • This kick is for people who have good experience with the martial arts and jumping kicks.
  • Beginners won’t have much of a chance to get this the first time.
  • Use the same side as you would a Parafuso.
  • Start the Armada Dupla like you would a Parafuso, only use both legs and hop into it.
  • The Armada Dupla is one of those kicks you can't half-do and still make it kinda work.
  • You have to do it full power each time.
  • Raising your legs together up in the air is really really hard to do the first time, so get some mats or something soft to land on the first couple of times you try it.
  • Once you jump, take both legs and swing them as high as they can go up in the air.
  • Swing your arms to help launch you into the air, and twist your torso to help pull your legs up.
  • The momentum of your legs and torso twist will get you really high, and that same momentum should bring you back down on your feet.
  • Several people have had concerns about landing on your head, but that's very unlikely as long as you do it full power.
  • You can't land on you head because your torso is upright during flight.
  • Try to keep your torso upright for as long as possible, don't just dive into the kick.
  • You may land on your side if your jump isn't strong enough or you don't stall your torso or severely screw up your landing.
  • At the worst, you'll have to put your hands down to save yourself.
  • Once you get used to the feeling of bringing both feet high up in the air, then work on keeping the legs together and as straight as possible.

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