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Mestre Bambino

Born in Belo Horizonte (State of Minas Gerais) in 1974, athlete registered with the FMC (Federation of Capoeira de Minas Gerais), Mestre Bambino started Capoeira in 1987 and traveled through Brazil to discover its most important aspects. richer and more varied.

Since his arrival in France in June 2000, Bambino has been organizing and participating in courses and demonstrations across Europe and giving courses in Aix en Provence where he has already trained a large number of high level capoeiristas.

During the First World Capoeira Festival which took place from August 11 to 17, 2002, Bambino received the title of Contra-Mestre, awarded by his master in the presence of a large number of essential masters in the history of capoeira.

In August 2006, Bambino was recognized Master of Capoeira by the capoeiristic community and decides to found his own group, “Capoeira Origem”, responding to a need to put into practice his innovative ideas and his great experience as a teacher.

To date, President of the group "Capoeira Origem", which has schools in Brazil, the United States, Mexico, as well as in France, Master Bambino, in parallel with his teaching, travels around the world to transmit his knowledge. and his experience.


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