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Motivated by the need to keep children and adolescents away from risky situations linked to crime, drug trafficking and failure at school, the Capoeira “Origem” project was created in 1999 in one of the largest groups. favelas of Belo Horizonte in Brazil: the Aglomerado Serra. Feeling the need to transmit his knowledge, Mr. Vieira Dos Santos Wellinton, known in the world of capoeira as Master Bambino, created this project in using Capoeira as a tool for social integration. Today, Master Bambino resides in France, in Aix en Provence and coordinates the Aix Capoeira Cultural Association, which promotes cultural exchanges between French and Brazilian practitioners from the favelas of Belo Horizonte. Capoeira has demonstrated in recent years its beneficial effect on people said to be "at risk". Supervised by competent professionals familiar with the problems of the region, the project now extends to several schools in the favelas of Belo Horizonte and continues to train capoeiristas and mainly citizens. In capoeira, individuals find a space of freedom where there are no social, economic, racial or religious distinctions. This promotes a rapid increase in self-esteem, a growth in motivation which are essential factors for learning about schooling and life. Without any support, the project is fully funded by its leaders, Mr. Vieira dos Santos Wellinton (Master Bambino), Vieira dos Santos Wilton (Master Vagalume) and Mr. Vieira dos Santos Emerson (Master Pretinho). This project shows us by its results that the involvement of a few people can make the difference in many lives.

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