How To Practise Capoeira With Kids

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How To Practise Capoeira With Kids

If you’re like me, you’ll do anything to get your children into Capoeira because you know how valuable it is for them. You may want more discipline, flexibility, fitness, confidence, or self defense skills for your child, and there is nothing better than Capoeira training for them.

Capoeira teaches children self-defense as a tool for personal growth and development. Children learn to treat others, as they want to be treated. They learn to respect all living things – from their parents to pets.

The biggest question is: “How can I inspire my children to participate in Capoeira?” I want them to be able to protect themselves when they grow up. Perhaps you want the same for your children? If so, this short article may be helpful for you.

5 Ways to ensure your child does Capoeira

#1) Capoeira Videos

If you really want to get your children into Capoeira, it’s time to start curating a child-friendly Capoeira video marathon! This will show them visually whats to come! Nothing more exciting than seeing the acrobatics of Capoeira!

Before signing up your child to Capoeira why not have a look at the fun filled 'I Can Play Capoeira' video, this is an exercise video like no other! It can give the children a heads up on what to expect in Capoeira.

They also offer class suitable for all ages and abilities. Further Episodes are available on Capocoms

#2) Read Parent Testimonials

Lots of children love Capoeira! Reading the online reviews from parents will encourage you and give you even more passion about the benefits of karate for your child. When you are convinced of how awesome this program will be, your energy will be contagious.

#3) Bring Your Child to a Class

This might be the most obvious way to get your son or daughter involved with Capoeira! Sign him or her up for a trial class and let the magic happen! Capoeira incorporates many dynamic acrobatic movements, which make classes much more fun and challenging. Acrobatics are taught at an age and level appropriate manner. Children start out by learning the basic fundamentals of acrobatics (such as cartwheels and back bridges) and then progress to learn more complex movements such as back flips, handsprings, hand-spins, aerials, and much more!A good mestre will know exactly how to get your child motivated once they are on the floor. If getting on the training floor is the hardest part, offer them a reward for being brave and trying something new.

#4) Try a Class For Yourself

We are superheroes in the eyes of our children! When we are on the floor training, they are more likely going to try it too! You can try a class with them or separately - as long as they can see that you do it too. Even if you have an old picture of yourself doing Capoeira - be the example and encourage your child to walk in your foot steps.

Why not find a class near you here.

#5) Address your Child’s Fears

Capoeira teaches control, never violence. Capoeira by nature specifically instills unshakeable confidence and self-control which enables children to verbally standup for themselves. Capoeria is the answer to bullies, bad guys, and yes - the boogie man. Is your child scared of something? Let them know how much safer and stronger they will be after they’ve learned a few moves. A shark? No worries, just cotovelada it!

Resources for teaching children capoeira

‣ Mestre Muito Tempo offers some insight into some basic moves for children. Why not follow his lesson and learn some basic capoeira moves:

‣ Why not have a look at 8 Basic Moves - Kids Capoeira Training explained by a child for your child.

‣ Be sure to have a look at Jinga Jinga Kids , they offer kids online capoeira classes.

If you need more convincing was to why Capoeira is a great extra curricular activity for your child why not check out our blog on Why Capoeira for your kid

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