Dona Isabel Que História É Essa

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Dona Isabel Que História É Essa

Author: Mestre Toni Vargas

Author: Mestre Toni Vargas

Song Lyrics

0:29 - Iêê

Eng: Iêê

0:33 - Dona Isabel que história é essa

Eng: Dona Isabel what is this history?

0:37 - Hoo Isabel que história é essa

Eng: Hoo Isabel what is this history

0:42 - De ter feito a abolição

Eng: That you made the abolition

0:45 - De ser princesa boazinha

Eng: That you are a good princess

0:49 - Que acabou com a escravidão

Eng: That freed slavery

0:54 - Estou cansado de conversa

Eng: I am tired of talking

0:57 - Estou cansado de ilusão

Eng: I am tired of illusions

1:02 - Abolição se fez com sangue

Eng: Abolition was done with blood

1:06 - Que inundava esse país

Eng: That flooded this country

1:09 - Que o negro transformou em luta

Eng: Because the black decided to fight

1:13 - Cansado de ser infeliz

Eng: Tired of being unhappy

1:17 - Abolição se fez bem antes

Eng: Abolition was made well before

1:21 - E Ainda há por se fazer agora

Eng: And still there to be done now

1:25 - Com a verdade da favela

Eng: With the truth of the slum

1:28 - Dona Isabel

Eng: Dona Isabel

1:29 - Não com a mentira da escola

Eng: Not with the lies of school

1:33 - Ho Isabel chegou a hora

Eng: Ho Miss Isabel the time has come

1:38 - De se acabar com essa maldade

Eng: To end this evil

1:41 - De se ensinar aos nossos filhos

Eng: To teach our children

1:44 - Ho Isabel

Eng: Ho Isabel

1:45 - O quanto custa a liberdade

Eng: How much the freedom cost

1:49 - Viva Zumbi, nosso gueirreiro

Eng: Long live Zumbi, our warrior

1:53 - Que fez-se herói lá em Palmares

Eng: That became hero in Palmares

1:57 - Viva a cultura desse povo

Eng: Long live the culture of this people

2:01 - A liberdade verdadeira

Eng: The True freedom

2:05 - Que já corria nos quilombos

Eng: Because I already ran the Quilombos

2:08 - Dona Isabel

Eng: Dona Isabel

2:09 - E já jogava Capoeira

Eng: And already played Capoeira

2:12 - Camaradinha

Eng: Camaradinha

2:14 - O que vai fazer?

Eng: What are you going to do?

2:17 - Iêê, que vai fazer, camará

Eng: Iêê, what are you going to do, camará

2:22 - Iêê, com Capoeira

Eng: Iêê, with Capoeira

2:24 - Iêê, com Capoeira, camará

Eng: Iêê, with Capoeira, camará

2:30 - Iêê, menino e bom

Eng: Iêê, boy is good

2:32 - Iêê, menino e bom, camará

Eng: Iêê, boy is good, camará

2:37 - Iêê, sabe jogar

Eng: Iêê, know how to play

2:40 - Iêê, sabe jogar, camará

Eng: Iêê, know how to play, camará

History and sentiment behind song

Song about the history of slavery, resistance and necessary rebellion. Mestre Toni Vergas wrote the song because he believed as everybody else did as a boy the stories that Princess Isabel made the law and that people and the slaves had been freed, when in fact it wasn't quite like that. This song renounces the praises Princess Isabel gets for abolishing slavery, in fact there are many black people who died fighting for freedom, many political fighting, a lot of capoeira and a lot of struggle before the people were freed, it wasn't just Princess Isabel who just wrote the law and made people free.

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