Samurai Capoeira

“SAMURAI CAPOEIRA” is a new capoeira group born in Japan. From children to adults, we offer the enjoyment of physical communication with Capoeira. Children can learn the joy of moving their bodies through capoeira, and can acquire sociality by communicating with various people through capoeira. Capoeira is said to be dance and martial arts, but we practice with a focus on human development rather than technology. Adults can solve their usual lack of exercise, challenge their physical potential, regain their lost physical sensations, and challenge their physical abilities even after becoming adults. You will also have the opportunity to be inspired through the community formed by Capoeira. In order to provide such an opportunity, we aim to sublimate capoeira to the level of "lifestyle" and become a capoeira group that is useful for people's lives and society

Classes & Events

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Join us in our fight to end slavery and help us promote capoeira