Fabiano Ramos de Oliveira, Born on 01/02/1984 in Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro, married without children, started capoeira at age 12 in a social project at Centro Esportivo Miécimo da Silva in Campo Grande RJ, taught by Mestre Shirt and Master Cobra , ​ Studying Physical Education at UNISUAM College, he is a purple and brown rope capoeira instructor, graduated from the ABADÁ-CAPOEIRA institution, having taken several courses within the same institution. Working in the west side of Rio de Janeiro, specifically in the large field, alongside other top professionals, it has become a reference for people looking for more health, fitness and lots of capoeira. Its working method prioritizes the quality of the service provided, respect for the student's limitations, professional ethics and commitment to the objectives. Always looking for innovations in its work and focused on the health, quality of life and well-being of its students.

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