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CM. Kleyton started with capoeira in 1997 in Natal, Brazil, with Mestre Vitor. Since then, he has dedicated his life to both cultural shows and the dissemination of cultural heritage and the sport of capoeira. In 2009, CM started. Kleyton, together with Isabella, the capoeira group in Oslo. With extensive experience in teaching capoeira to children, young people and growing up with great cultural differences, and varying social difficulties, he has a wide acceptance and everyone is always welcome. In addition to the capoeira training in the club, he also holds external workshops and courses, as well as professional shows for both private and public actors. Today you will find the Cordão de Ouro group all over the world. Cordão de Ouro is known for maintaining a high technical level as well as high tempo, reflexes, agility, creativity, music and malicia. mixture of shrewness, street-smarts, and wariness.

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