Vôo Do Morcego

Level: Intermediate | Style: Briga de rua (Street Fighting)

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Pronounced “Voe-oo-du More-se-go” it translates as the 'Flight of the bat'.

Move Background

Voô do Morcego is an attack straight out of the WWE. Although this is not where the move comes from, it is essentially a drop kick. Difference between a wrestling dropkick and one done in capoeira, is that the capoeira version requires you to land on your feet. This move relies heavily on the shock value as generally the movement is very easy to see and counter. Vôo do morçego usually aims for the body, however you can just as easily aim for the face with this attack.

Step by step guide

  • This is a flying kick done sideways with both legs.
  • It is executed virtually in the same manner as a dropkick;
  • However, the knees are drawn back in after making contact and one lands on their feet.
  • Since it is an aerial attack, balance and control are sacrificed for raw power.
  • As with any attack, the effectiveness of this attack depends on the timing, weight, and body mass.
  • It was a very popular attack in past times, but it is rarely seen in rodas today.

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