Tombo De Ladeira

Level: Advanced | Style: Mixed Style

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Meaning the tumbling slope.

Move Background

According to Nestor Capoeira, Tombo-de-Ladeira is a takedown in which one takes advantage of an opponent using an aerial or close to aerial attack or movement by standing up from beneath them. Needless to say, it is dangerous for both parties involved.

Step by step guide

  • João Pequeno (named for Mestre João Pequeno who is known for making the move popular).
  • In Capoeira Angola it is a kick from out of an au when one of the legs comes down as an axe kick.
  • The Tombo de Ladeira can also be performed from Rolê position (Queda de Três).
  • It is most effective when the opponent's head is low to the ground.

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