Level: Intermediate | Style: Contemporânea

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Pronounced “he-lo-gee-oh” it is another hand spinning technique.

Move Background

The main difference between relogio and Pião de Mão is that the spinning in relogio is parallel to the ground. Most Capoeiristas will enter this movement from rolê or queda de rins.

Step by step guide

  • The relogio has similar mechanics as the hand glide in breakdancing.
  • The main exception to the rule is that the body is resting on the kidneys in a more lateral manner with the body facing to the side.
  • The entry into a relogio usually begins in the same way as a rolé.
  • The body turns as both hands touch the ground. One hand is lifted as the body is rested on the elbow of the arm in contact with the ground.
  • The spin point is the small portion of the carpus (same as the 1990 or piao de mao), so that there is a minimal amount of friction between the hand and the ground.
  • While the relogio is a floeiro it can also be a sweep depending on the timing.

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