Level: Intermediate | Style: Contemporânea

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Jumping turning evasive kick.

Move Background

Raiz is still in the realm of beginner tricking/acroatics. The main difference between Raiz and Au Sem Mao is that the legs go behind the body as they go up and over. The main difference is the “punch” mentioned earlier. Although you do want the same hand punching over your head, the other hand is the key. The free hand punches as if to do an uppercut, causing your chest to rotate up towards the sky.

Step by step guide

  • A raiz is a type of kick used in contemporary regional.
  • It could be described as a sideswipe with less rotation, so the practitioner lands on the rear leg from the take off instead of the kicking leg.
  • However, in terms of tricking, the raiz is not a kick, but rather an evasive move aimed to avoid an attack toward the legs.
  • The set-up for the raiz is exactly like the 540 kick, but the technique required for a successful raiz is similar to a Armada Dupla.
  • In starting this move, the practitioner turns slightly sideways at the waist with the arm-swing motion.
  • Once the set-up is accomplished, the first leg is thrown straight up while having the head thrown back.
  • This motion causes the practitioner's back to become parallel to the ground.
  • The first leg travels around like a Double Leg and the second leg trails behind it.
  • The first leg lands first on the ground and the second leg lags behind.
  • The second leg should not be rushed, but rather be relaxed and let it fall by itself.

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