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Pronounced “Kay-sha-da” it is one of the most commonly used of the basic kicks in contemporary regional.

Move Background

As opposed to other kicks, Queixada is named after its intended target. Queixada aims at the jaw bone to cause as much damage as possible. The kick is performed either from the parallel position or the base position. In the case of the parallel position, Queixada can be thought of as a reverse Meia lua de Frente. The kick starts lifting inwards and outwards as it reaches the crescent. Queixada can also be performed from the base position. From the base position, twist the body and go down into a slight squat. From here your side should be pointing towards your target. The back leg will step forward, and as it lands, the opposite leg will swing up for the kick. The kick will move from the inside of your body and outwards, similarly to the parallel position.

Step by step guide

  • To execute with the right leg, one begins in mid-ginga stance, with the left leg back and the right forward.
  • From this position, step slightly to the left with the right leg, shifting body weight onto the forward (right) leg while the body faces left.
  • Immediately bring the left leg forward, crossing it behind the right while beginning to throw body weight forward to gain momentum.
  • When the body weight is fully resting on the left leg, release the right leg, kicking it in a large, sweeping arc to the right, keeping the leg straight throughout.
  • When the kick has been completed, the capoeirista is now in mid-ginga stance, except now with the right leg back and the left forward.
  • Throughout this move one must always remember to guard his or her face using the thick part of the forearms (as is done in all capoeira moves).
  • Reverse all directions (left-right and vice versa) in order to execute a queixada with the left leg.

Variations on Queixada

Learn Capoeira Move Queixada de Avanço
Queixada De Avanço

Style: Mixed Style
Level: Beginner
Category : Kicks

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