Queda De Rins

Level: Intermediate | Style: Mixed Style

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Pronounced “Keda-jee-heens” is a stance positioning your legs over your body, elbows and head supporting the weight which translates as fall on the kidneys.

Move Background

Similar to a handstand, this movement is another hand balancing technique that can be used to move around the ground.The queda de rins can be used as an esquiva or a launching point for a technique. It involves supporting the torso with the inside elbow and the head, often with the knees resting on the supporting elbow. The head is usually the lowest with the feet and at the highest in a rough 45° angle.

Step by step guide

  • Queda de rins is done by placing both hands and head on the floor as if you were going to do a headstand.
  • Twist the hips perpendicular to the hands and rest them on one of your elbows.
  • Example: twist to the right and rest the right hip on the right elbow.
  • With enough strength and balance, you should be able to bring your legs off the ground.
  • Queda de rins has many progressions, and can really challenge your balance, coordination and strength.
  • Queda de rins is also the basis for many movements on the ground as well as many floreios

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