Level: Beginner | Style: Regional

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Pronounced “Pone-tey-ra” it looks similar to the Bênção but it's quite a different move.

Move Background

The Ponteira suits to Regional style because it's a lot faster and more unpredictable. Ponteira is meant to deal damage and teachers describe the movement as a knife. The goal of ponteira is to cut deep into the abdomen, causing damage to organs.

Step by step guide

  • Imagine you are wearing sandals and want to get rid of them.
  • You then throw your foot fiercely forwards in a snapping motion to shoot them away as far as possible.
  • The Ponteira flies in a round arc from the floor to your partner's stomach/chest, however you do not keep your leg stretched throughout the entire kicking motion.
  • Lift your knee while stretching out the kicking leg so it gets extended to the maximum at the point of impact.
  • Hit with the foot ball, don't break your toes with it.
  • The Ponteira doesn't require muscular effort, it is easiest to execute with much swing and it hits in an instant.
  • Don't overuse it unless you want to make the Jogo more competitive and aggressive.
  • Try to follow up the Ponteira with a Martelo or a spun Chapa without putting your kicking leg down; works very well if you want to surprise your opponent and catch him off-guard.

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