Level: Beginner | Style: Mixed Style

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Pronounced “pohn-chi is a bridge. It is a backbend or low backbend (arms and legs bent but back isn't touching the ground).

Move Background

The ponte is a bridge with the stomach facing upward and the hands and feet pushing to keep the back arched and off the floor. Most learn to roll into a ponte by turning their legs and hips around first and then inverting into a bridge. The capoeirista can then roll out into a cocorinha, queda de rins, or resistincia for a stylish entrance into a roda. The ponte also doubles as a last resort esquiva although that depends on the player's skill level, style, and speed of the game.

Step by step guide

  • One of the most basic ways to incorporate ponte is to rotate in and out of ponte.
  • For example, starting from a quadruped position, start by stepping one leg over the other.
  • Once the foot is planted, take the hand from the same side, and bring it around your head to bring your chest towards the ceiling.
  • At this point, you should be in a ponte position.
  • To rotate out of the ponte, start with the hands.
  • Bring the hand around the head to return the quadruped position.
  • Lastly bring the leg around the body to return to the starting position.

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