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Pronounced “pen-doo-loo”, the name of this kick is derived from the movement that it imitates. A pêndulo is the weighted device that helps maintain a precise interval of time for clocks.

Move Background

When an attack comes, the pêndulo is used to move under and laterally away from Danger. The same concept can be seen in boxing where the concept of bobbing and weaving use the same movement pattern. pêndulo is a great defensive option because it moves you away from the kick and also brings you into an angle where your attack will be harder to defend.

Step by step guide

  • The pêndulo resembles more the slipping and bobbing.
  • Whereas the balanço moves side to side, the pendulo is used more to roll and move under attacks.
  • Most of the movement starts from the upper body but also includes dropping with the knees.
  • When the arms are used while the upper body follows the same path as the letter C.
  • The move works really well with incoming fast or direct attacks.
  • Pêndulo is done from the parallel position, meaning that both legs are slightly wider than hip with and you’re in a slight squat.
  • If the attack is coming from your left side then you’ll want to move your left leg outwards, anticipating the pendulum motion.
  • The next part is to squat down even further and slowly bring your body down and around to the other side to imitate the pêndulo motion.
  • Pêndulo can be done by moving laterally, or it can also be used to move in, towards the other person.
  • Moving diagonally towards your opponent is a way to improve the angle of your kick and make it more difficult for the other person to respond.
  • If done successfully you should be almost perpendicular to the person you’re playing with – with your chest facing their shoulder.
  • Doing a pêndulo is a great way to avoid kicks but also move completely out of the vicinity.
  • It’s a great defensive option and also allows for a lot of creativity while exiting out of the movement.

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