Meia Lua De Compasso

Level: Intermediate | Style: Mixed Style

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Pronounced “May-ah Loo-ah jee Com-pa-soo” translates as compass half moon.

Move Background

Meia Lua de compasso is one of the most iconic kicks in capoeira. The movement has been featured in movies, videogames, and even in mixed martial arts. Interestingly, this movement has gained interest in some parts of the mixed martial arts world.The Meia-Lua de compasso is also known as rabo do arria, is an attack that embodies the true element of Capoeira since it combines an evasive maneuver with a spinning kick. The transfer of power begins with the hand slamming into the ground and ending with the spin of the kicking heel. The power of the kick derives its energy from the similar centripetal force of a golf club swing. It has earned its place in capoeira as being called the "king of kicks". There is even a saying among capoeira mestres on how a capoeirista's general skill level can be determined on how well and fast they are able to execute a Meia lua de compasso.

Step by step guide

  • One of the simplest ways of performing meia Lua de compasso is from the base position.
  • Turn the chest towards the back leg and reach the hands through the two legs.
  • Squat on the leg closest to the target and look between the legs to spot the target.
  • With the back leg straightened out, lift the back leg and spin it so that the heel strikes the target.
  • Similarly to Armada, this kick is very technical and has a large set up.
  • However, the damage that you can deal with tremendous given the momentum that you were generating with your entire body.
  • Capoeiristas consider this kick very safe and is used very often because of its versatility.
  • Some tips for beginners attempting to try this kick out: Make sure that the core is tight throughout the entirety of the kick.
  • Also, make sure the your heel and hip are aimed towards your target before you kick.
  • Look at the Target that you aim to kick at, and make sure that the ark of your kick is where your target is.
  • When kicking you want to make sure to aim either for the head or the ribs.

Variations on Meia Lua

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