Level: Beginner | Style: Mixed Style

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Pronounced “crooz” it translates as cross and it is a natural extension of cutila.

Move Background

Similar to cutila, this is not a dodge. Instead, the idea is to catch the kick and take advantage of your better position to attack your opponent. The entrance for cruz is identical to cutila. Instead of deflecting the kick away with the forearm, the goal of cruz is to catch the kick above the knee with the bicep and forearm.

Step by step guide

  • The Cruz is an elegant way to evade an incoming Bênção or Ponteira and throw the partner at the same time.
  • Instead of pushing the kicking leg away you bend down and slide under it.
  • Spread your arms so his leg cannot escape to the side, trap it on your back.
  • Now simply get up again and watch your opponent fall.
  • If you get trapped with a Cruz by someone else, don't fall on the back of your head as the Capoeirista on the right does.
  • Try to fall to the side and dampen the fall with your hands, doing a Au-like motion.

Variations on Cutila

Learn Capoeira Move Cutilada de mao
Cutilada De Mao

Style: Mixed Style
Level: Beginner
Category : Defense, Counters And Evasions

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