Level: Intermediate | Style: Mixed Style

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Pronounced “shi-bah-tah” it can be thought of an attacking variation of the cartwheel.

Move Background

The Chibata can be done either laterally or in the forward Direction. Chibata like many other movements and Capoeira can be mechanically difficult to perform. One of the biggest problems people have is being able to reliably aim while they’re in their cartwheel position. In order to do this move correctly, you should have a strong understanding of cartwheels, including the one handed cartwheel.

Step by step guide

  • In order to do the Chibata, you need to start with a cartwheel.
  • Bring your first hand on the ground as you would in a normal cartwheel.
  • The first leg will drop down folded to land on the ground, while the second leg is straightened out and aimed at your target.
  • Both legs will land at the same time, leaving you in the Negativa position.
  • The main idea of this attack is to land on top of your opponent with your heel.

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