Carpado (Mortal)

Level: Advanced | Style: Contemporânea

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Also known as a Mortal.

Move Background

It is essentially some kind of flip. This is one of the many movements that separates Capoeira Regional from its grounded sister, Capoeira Angola. Capoeira is known for its acrobatics and the mortal is one of its many indicators. Always depending on the toque of the game and sometimes group, a mortal can be done at almost any time during the game. Since many capoeiristas see the game of capoeira as an interacting physical dialogue between two bodies, the mortal's place in capoeira is well received depending on its timing.

Step by step guide

  • Most mortals are done during the entrance into a roda with a fast-paced game.
  • With so many dynamic movements in capoeira, a mortal is done from almost any spinning kick or au.
  • With all things in capoeira, there is some debate over the "overuse" of mortals and other flips as some see them as only shallow movements that take away from the effectiveness of the martial art.

Variations on Carpado

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Style: Contemporânea
Level: Advanced
Category : Floreios

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