Boca De Calça De Costas

Level: Advanced | Style: Mixed Style

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Move Background

A version of the Boca de Calça that involves turning your back, reaching between your legs, and pulling the other player down by his ankles or cuffs.

Step by step guide

  • It is usually done crouching under a kick and pulling the supporting ankle of the leg not extended through the capoeirista's leg.
  • This is not as easy as it sounds because of the timing involved.
  • Many who see this coming would go for a rear naked choke by hopping onto the capoeirista's back.
  • A dangerous counter to this is a jump backwards ensuring the person applying the choke receives the blunt force of the ground.

Variations on Boca de Calca

Learn Capoeira Move Boca de Calça
Boca De Calça

Style: Briga De Rua (Street Fighting)
Level: Intermediate
Category : Takedowns

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