Açoite De Braço

Level: Intermediate | Style: Briga de rua (Street Fighting)

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Açoite de braço translates as 'arm whip' in Portuguese.

Move Background

This throw is rarely seen. Its use was a more designed for self-defense. If an attacker was approaching the capoeirista from behind using a club or cheap punch, the capoeirista would duck under the attack simultaneously scooping the leg of the attacker up. He would continue the motion, the attacker off of his shoulders and slamming him to the ground.

Step by step guide

  • To perform this movement, we start by sticking our back to the opponent by bending the legs and grabbing his arm with both hands (by the wrist and forearm), which we pass over the 'shoulder (we wedge under his armpit).
  • Then, we straighten the legs sharply by leaning forward so as to pass the opponent over the shoulder.
  • It is strongly recommended to maintain the traction of your arm from the beginning to the end of the movement, otherwise you will lose the momentum that can make the technique successful.
  • We can also add a headbutt to the technique to ring the opponent when we turn on him before throwing him.

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