Cordão de Ouro Ciudad de México

The Associação de Capoeira Cordão de Ouro was founded by Mestre Suassuna in the 60s, more precisely on September 1, 1967, together with Mestre Brasília, at a time of great festivals of Brazilian popular music. Upon hearing the chorus of the song above on a radio, the two, already with the idea of ​​opening an academy, decide to use the name Cordão de Ouro , as it is Besouro Cordão de Ouro, a capoeirista prior to the Angola and Regional division. Mestre Suassuna would teach Capoeira Regional and Mestre Brasília Capoeira Angola within the same space. After a short period, Mestre Brasília decided to found his own group, São Bento Grande. In this difficult time for capoeira, when the persecution of the dictatorship and prejudice impeded its development in the south of the country, Mestre Suassuna, from Itabuna from Bahia, recently arrived in São Paulo, continued the work and presented himself insistently, showing the game's techniques and fight, opening the first gym in São Paulo. With intense work, it didn't take long to have his first wobbers, such as Lobão, Esdras Filho, Tarzan, Belisco, Almir das Areias, Caio, and many others. It housed capoeiristas from the north and northeast who arrived here, in order to better spread the art of capoeira, making its academy the reference for the formation of a large crop of new masters in São Paulo. The Capoeira Gold Cord was the birthplace of many prominent names. In addition to those already mentioned, came the Masters Flávio Tucano, Biriba, Dal, Marcelo Caveirinha, Urubú Malandro, Espirro Mirim, Xavier, Lucifer, Torinho, Pial, Kangaroo, Sarará, Zé Antônio, Ponciano, Bolinha, Geraldinho, without also forgetting about Mestre Cícero, Mestre Zé Carlos and Mestre Penteado, who despite being grandchildren have an inestimable value for Mestre Suassuna and the Cordão de Ouro Group, among so many that would complete an immense list. Always restless Mestre Suassuna never settled down, keeping his work continuously recycled, cre

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