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The Capoeira Art Manufacture project was born in October 2013. As the Łódź section of Associação de Capoeira Mestre Bimba, we were officially admitted to the group of "alunos" by Mestre Bamba - with a lot of help from our friend Bolacha - Ania Smusz. The vast majority of us made our first steps in capoeira in the UNICAR group, which has been operating in Poland continuously since 2003 under the leadership of Adam Faba. Some of us remember the ancient times, when there were more "underground" capoeira schools in Lodz, which, despite their charm, were not officially in any structures. The MSC collective or ACMB Łódź consists of a group of enthusiasts who decided to create a place in Łódź, which will not be another martial arts school, but a place filled to the brim with Capoeira from Salvador da Bahia and the climate of Brazil. The road to MSC was long and winding. More than once we argued and lost hope, but despite the unfavorable conditions in which we were to create a new image, we managed thanks to mutual sympathy and understanding. Each of us deals with something different privately and professionally, but creating such a place requires knowledge and experience in various areas of life. And just as the core of the group are We - Capoeiristas, what binds this foundation is our common passion - Capoeira . Each of them made a very important contribution and we would certainly miss something in our life if this place had never been established. Thank you to everyone and everyone for all the effort that has gone into this wonderful place, and while it sounds like a goodbye, it is quite the opposite. It is an invitation, an invitation to an adventure in a place called Capoeira Art Manufacture .

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