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Mestre Roxinho

Edielson da Silva Miranda, known as Mestre Roxinho, was born in 1969 in Ilha de Veracruz, Bahia. After some years he moved to Salvador and was initiated into the world of Capoeira Angola in 1979 at the Academia de Capoeira Angola 1˚ de Maio with Mestre Virgilio.

In 2002, Mestre Virgilio gave him the title of Mestre. In 2006, Mestre Roxinho immigrated to Australia and established his school, Escola de Capoeira Angola Mato Rasteiro (ECAMAR), in Sydney and became the first Master of Capoeira Angola from Bahia to have established a school of Capoeira Angola in Australia.

Mestre Roxinho is also the founder of “Project Bantu”; a program which was established in 1998 in Brazil under the name of “Projeto Ere-Menino vem Gingar”. Project Bantu uses Capoeira Angola as a tool to engage marginalised youth and as a result to bring about positive social outcomes. The program is now run in Australia and the Asia-Pacific area.

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