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Mestre Pombo De Ouro
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Associação de Capoeira Mestre Bimba (Alumnus)

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Mestre Pombo De Ouro

José Bispo Correia, known in the capoeira world as Mestre Pombo de Ouro, had his first contact with capoeira in 1967, through Querdoval, a student of Mestre Bimba who indicated Mestre Bimba's academy, when he was still in Terreiro de Jesus, when he saw a capoeira angola circle, on Rua Chile where he worked. He graduated from Mestre Bimba's academy together with Mestres Itapoan, Camisa Roxa, Saci, Acordeon, Calango, Cabeludo 2, Peteca and other capoeiristas.

In 1969, Mestre Pombo de Ouro participated in several capoeira shows, he met Mestre Valdemar Santana “Leopardo Negro” in Manaus, a box fighter, who considered him to be his other Mestre, did wrestling. In 70 he came to Brasília to meet Mestre Tarzan, another student of Mestre Bimba and he remains here to this day following his work with capoeira. Master Pombo de Ouro knowledgeable and diffuser of the principles of Capoeira art. Hail, Master! His saying is "The great master is time, the great wheel is life, and whoever does not swing in the wheel of life dances."

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