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Mestre Paulinho Carioca
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Capoeira Guaiamuns (Founder)

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Mestre Paulinho Carioca

Mestre Paulinho Carioca began training Capoeira in 1982 in Rio de Janeiro. After 10 years of training, on the 9th of July 1992, he was graduated as Master of 1st grade (White/Green belt) in the Grupo Capoeira Carcará, founded in 1983 in Rio de Janeiro. Mestre Paulinho Carioca has then continued to be part of the Grupo Capoeira Carcará until 2004. By that time, feeling in his work the need for more freedom and autonomy, he leaves the Grupo Carcará and on the 20th of November 2004 decides to found, together with his/her students, the ESCOLA CAPOEIRA GINGA DE CARIOCA in Italy. In 2011 he founded with Mestra Ursula a new Capoeira group: CAPOEIRA GUAIAMUNS, bringing the school to an international level with classes in France, Italy, Angola and U.K.

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