Mestre Noronha Angola

Background, Style, History and Affiliations

Mestre Noronha

Daniel Coutinho was born in Salvador de Bahia in 1909, in the lower area of “Sapateiros” (Salvador de Bahia) and began his Capoeira training with Cândido da Costa (Cândido Pequeno) when he was 8 years old. He was affiliated with Livinho, Totonho de Maré, Amorzinho, Aberrê, Percílio, Geraldo Chapeleiro, Juvenal Engraxate, Geraldo Pé de Abelha, Zehí, Feliciano Bigode de Seda, Bom Nome, Henrique Cara Queimada, Onça Preta, Cimento, Argemiro Grande, Olho de Pombo, Antônio Galindeu, Antônio Boca de Porco, Cândido Pequeno (Argolinha de Ouro), Lúcio Pequeno and Paquete do Cabula. He founded the “First Centre of Capoeira Angola in the state of Bahia”, Ladeira da Pedra, Gengibirra, in the area of Liberdade. As mentioned by Antonio Liberac: Mestre Noronha and Mestre Livino managed the “Centro de Capoeira Angola da Conceição da Praia”. The colours of this centre were green and yellow, the colours of the Brazilian flag, and they were symbolized on the clothes worn by the trainees. They performed various Capoeira exhibitions. He died in 1977 and left behind some manuscripts put together by Frede Abreu which were published by the National Programme of Capoeira, entitled the “ABC da Capoeira Angola”.

“Capoeira must be well nurtured so that it can be taught to the upper social classes. It must remain valiant, and leave behind its past life, we should acquire the basis of friendship; this is what we need to do.”

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