Mestre Canjiquinha Angola

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Mestre Canjiquinha
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Centro esportivo de Capoeira Angola (Alumnus)

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Mestre Canjiquinha

Washington Bruno da Silva, or Mestre Canjiquinha, was an important personality of Capoeira Angola. Born in 1925, he described himself as “the joy of Capoeira” and was known for his tolerance, his good humour and demonstrations. He was also one of the rare Mestres who denied the differences between Capoeira Angola and Capoeira Regional. According to him, it was just a matter of rhythm.

During his demonstrations, he didn’t showcase only Capoeira but also other Afro-Brazilian dances such as Maculélé. He claimed to be the first one who included Maculélé in Capoeira demonstrations. He also acted in a few Brazilian movies presenting Capoeira.

His Capoeira name comes from a song by Roberto Martin who, in 1937, was the only song that Washington knew how to sing. Like many others, he died in poverty and left behind talented Mestres like Paulo dos Anjos, Mestre Brasilia and Mestre Lua Rasta. He died in 1994.

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