Is Learning Capoeira A Wise Investment?

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Is Learning Capoeira A Wise Investment?

Effectiveness of Capoeira

Modern day Capoeira has become a rich form of art. With thrusting kicks, rotational movements and fancy footwork it has become an awesome and breathtaking performance to behold. Present day Capoeira has generated a number of new schools, and with them, new styles, based on their own interpretations and also on teachings of the Capoeira masters.

While some of the learning centres have managed to maintain their characteristic of the original version others have just developed new ones of their own. Considering the above factors it is important to address the the effectiveness of Capoeira in any form,in any country without discussing social inclusion and educational and cultural values fostered by the groups within the art.The most important thing to remember about any martial art, be it judo, boxing or Capoeira is that they each of them involve combat styles; and all combat styles have some weakness or the other. This is primarily because each style will differ from person to person, from one human to the other and also the intensity and focus of the effort the individual puts in his or her training. Again Capoeira for self defence is different than Capoeira for sport or as a performing art. It is principally the character in yourself, which has to decide and discover where,and the way to use it, to ones advantage and benefit, depending on the scenario at hand.

Understanding Capoeira

To get an answer on drawbacks of Capoeira one needs to further dig deep into its history and focus on it as a popular modern art of today. Though Brazilian practitioners are usually proud to note the multinational acceptance of their art they are reluctant to discuss the effect of the intercultural display upon the art.To get passionate about Capoeira is very easy these days. The power, depth and enthralling movements have captivated the younger generation. This passion in turn has become one of the main propelling force of this art form throughout the times. The continuous animal like energy it exudes strike a very strong chord in the people of this complex society in today's world. For the more mature and open minded, Capoeira has added cultural,musical and philosophical benefits.

This magnetic appeal comes with its weak points also. Capoeira movements require a lot of space, whereas universal styles, based on linear movements excel in limited areas also. Rhythm and timing thus become of primary importance, more so in this game thus limiting its effectiveness to the very few. The other primary one being the difficulty or lack of proper information, required to understand fully the intricacies of this wonderful art. This problem is quite natural when studying about new and different cultures, and misinterpretations are inevitable, as Capoeira forges itself into the influential and powerful cultural capitals of the world. Another deep rooted malady is ignorance. Individuals who have never practised the art, or others who have not studied it long enough, have come forward with unfounded assumptions by way of discourse and literature. Unfortunately, these individuals, who are not even aware of their shortcomings ,have further put themselves in vital positions of speaking and writing on this art and even venturing to teach Capoeira without any supervision of acknowledged personnel,thus imparting distorted and absurd information, just to cultivate their private Capoeira agenda.

Capoeira Today

Capoeira, nowadays, has an extraordinary number of practitioners, capable or otherwise, worldwide. The current political scene in Brazil, has caused a diversity of existing styles, which has further been aggravated by crossing of geographical boundaries. Present day Capoeira should only reflect to channel the art towards personal gratification as well as towards problems related to all those connected with the Capoeira community. The only way to comprehend the fluid nature of this art is to step into the ring with a commitment and determination to push one's limit in an effort to see beyond the game itself.

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