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Trying Capoeira Online - Zoom Zoom Zoom

Capoeira Remote Learning

Virtual Capoeira classes are currently taking place all over the World, these classes let you connect with each other while learning the moves. It's an online team building experience to share with your colleagues when working remotely which also brings you all the benefits of exercising. The Mestre will share with you great exercises that will make you improve and feel great even if you are just a beginner.

With advancing technologies it is now a possibility to learn via the internet, having lessons and classes remotely using platforms such as YouTube, Zoom Meetings as well as Google Meet.

Below is a list of Capoeira instructors giving educational and fun lessons through remote learning

  • Capoeira Agora provides online classes to beginners as well as advanced learners. They provide private one on one or group sessions lasting 30mins.
  • Tweekends provides 1 hour live and interactive capoeira class with English or Bulgarian speaking professional Capoeira instructor
  • With Hip Shake Fitness in 5 minutes, you'll learn basic Capoeira moves like the Ginga, Bencao and Mea Lua Du Frente. Work on your standing strength, core and balance with Brazilian Warrior Workout.5 Minute Capoeira Basics Workout
  • Capoeira Academy UK provides an hour long live class or private sessions from Monday to Sunday for all levels. They work with dedicated and experienced teachers, whose classes give all students experience in all the disciplines of Capoeira. This includes acrobatics, music and song through carefully prepared lessons which develops concentration, co-ordination and confidence.
  • Quilombo Marcus Cabeça (QMC) provide a wide range of sessions from kids to veteran capoeiristas, what's more is that they offer a FREE taster session.
  • Mojubá Capoeira provides an hour long session from Monday to Saturday in English with Mestre Poncianinho.
  • Capoeira Club London provides classes for toddlers as well as adults from monday to saturday. Allowing learners to exercise, build strength, flexibility and technique!
  • Jinga Jinga Kids provides after school classes from Monday to Thursday in English with Portuguese elements or in Portuguese.
  • Check out the Historical African Martial Arts Association YouTube channel. Their president D'Mon Stith has been offering online classes in not only Capoeira but many other African fighting arts. He also has a YouTube channel you can learn a lot.
  • cabeca.cdo is running great classes online via is instagram account.
  • For Yoga focused content, we would highly recommend Michael Marren from england. A pro instructor offering one to one online.
  • Mestre xuxo a mma & ufc fighter, renowned for free movements is offering a great interactive classes online. Plus lots of inspiration content via his instagram channel.
  • minhoquinhois teaching an on-line Capoeira classes for his students but will open up one more class a week for anyone who would be interested in strengthening their capoeira techniques.
  • For those who want classes in spanish try Capoeira Malloca. Which are holding zoom classes online.
  • Capoeira Aché Brasil Academy offer online classes from Monday to Sunday, the first intro to Capoeira class is FREE! (for Adults and Children)
  • Abadá Capoeira Dossenheim's Instrutor Baiano is providing online Capoeira classes via YouTube in German and Portuguese.

We here at La Laue are always on the lookout for anyone promoting the fine art of Capoeira, so if you are a Mestre who is currently providing online classes be sure to add your details below:

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