Balões Acinturados

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Balões Acinturados

What are Balões

Balões, translated as "balloons," are a component of Jogo de Iúna. These partner throws involve acrobatics and are developed by both participants. Mestre Bimba added various balões to his style of Capoeira Regional and created the 'Cintura Desprezada' sequence, a series of "Balões Acinturados" performed while the rhythm of Iúna is played on the berimbau. These balões are typically performed by graduated students.

What is Cintura Desprezada

Cintura Desprezada is a sequence of acrobatic movements in the style of Capoeira Regional, created by Mestre Bimba. The name "Cintura Desprezada" is Portuguese for "disregarded waist," and refers to the fluid, loose movements of the hips and waist during the sequence. The sequence is performed to the rhythm of the Iúna game and typically involves a series of "Balões Acinturados," or partner throws that showcase the participants' acrobatic skills.

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