Capoeira Baraúna Japão

Created in Brazil by black Africans from the Banto ethnic group in the 17th century. Capoeira was officially prohibited from being practiced until 1930, although it never stopped being practiced. In the 30s, the Bahian “Manoel dos Reis Machado” (1889-1974), the master bimba, created the “regional capoeira”, a standup fight, at the same time he presented capoeira to President Getúlio Vargas and from that moment on capoeira is no longer prohibited by law. The traditional capoeira known as “Capoeira Angola” spread by “Vicente Ferreira pastinha” Baiano (1889-1981), in 1910 organized capoeira Angola with uniformity and with proper training places. In the 20th century, capoeira became a sport with confederations, championships,

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