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• Mexico

Mestre Pedrinho was born in the neighbourhood Olavo Bilaque, Duque de Caxias (Rio de Janeiro) in 1963. At the age of 7 he began his studies in Capoeira with master Jaime. Just 3 years later, Jaime died and Pedrinho was left without a master. He began a Capoeira pilgrimage visiting different organised groups as well as participating in street rodas. Pedrinho reached a higher development in the attempt to join the group 'Plaza de Pacificadores', where rodas took place exclusively for masters. After a while he succeeded in becoming part in the group called 'Arte fetico'. Part of this new group, amongst others, were Mestre Russo and Dentinho, who sponsored and dubbed Pedrinho as a master. Soon after, the group 'Mandinga de Angola' began forming in Rio de Janeiro when the Master started giving classes in Club Ipiranga in Bananal. Members of this group were Jorge Cotoco and his brother Denis. Pedrinho moved to Buenos Aires to begin TMA in Argentina where he developed this work for over 12 year, before moving to Mexico to help develop the group forming there by one of his oldest students. Mestre Pedrinho left his most trusted students to continue teaching and developing Terreiro Mandinga de Angola in Buenos Aires. Mestre Pedrinho now resides in France, where he continues to develop his group,TMA.

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