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• Switzerland

The Capoeira Chapéu de Couro group was created on February 28, 1983, at the initiative of Mestres Corisco and Biliro, with the support of the general coordinator of Sports, professor Fernando Lapa, who today also coordinates the Legal Practice Nucleus of the University - Astepi, and Professor Armando Costa Carvalho, at the time general coordinator of the Community, who hired them as Catholic employees. The group came up with the proposal to teach capoeira to Unicap students, staff and teachers. In 1990, Mestre Biliro left to form his own Capoeira group. Since then, over a thousand students have passed through Mestre Corisco's classroom. In these 35 years of existence, Chapéu de Couro has produced several fruits, among them, former members of the group that founded, in 1993, in Switzerland, the group of the same name to spread Capoeira in Europe; creation of the special class, in 2002, formed by members with special needs, including Down Syndrome; in 2014 Capoeira is recognized by Unesco as a Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity; participations in the Pernambuco Cultural Heritage Week, in 2015, among others.

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