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• Greece

Centro Cultural Capoeiragem is the first group of Capoeira Angola founded in Athens in 2006 by Carlos Eduardo Guerra Costa or Professor Dudu, who lives permanent in the city. Its purposes is to teach, practice and spread Capoeira Angola mainly in Greece and the rest of Europe. Centro Cultural Capoeiragem aims to keep alive the Brazilian traditional culture, as Capoeira Angola is a more traditional manifestation of Capoeira. Capoeira Angola is closely connected to the culture, the history of Brazil and linked to the struggle of the Afro-Brazilian ancestors for freedom. Through Capoeira Angola the group of Centro Cultural Capoeiragem professes the values the Afro-Brazilian ancestors fought for, same values we have to promote even in our time. Freedom, diversity and equality are some of the values that will compose a positive and more inclusive society. From 2014 Spyros Plessas, member of Centro Cultural Capoeiragem, started to teach Capoeira Angola in Zakynthos under the supervision of Professor Dudu. The group of Centro Cultural Capoeiragem approaches widely the afro-brazilian cultural heritage as it engages also with the teaching and spreading of samba de roda through Projeto Sambatuke coordinated by Prof. Geslene Ausech Antonucci.

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