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The Zambiacongo capoeira group, founded in 1988, disseminates the fundamentals of the Regional da Bahia capoeira created by Mestre Bimba without forgetting the heritage of our Angolan godfather, Mestre Canjiquinha. The group based in Salvador de Bahía (Brazil) is present in Spain (Madrid and Cádiz) and in Portugal (Braga and Trofa). Zambiacongo emphasizes all aspects of capoeira, from physical exercise with the great variety of movements it has to culture, music, fundamentals, history, and beyond that, friendship, respect, discipline, etc. We offer a great way to meet people and make new friends while getting in shape and getting to know the Brazilian culture. Within the Zambiacongo group you will be able to know all the aspects of capoeira: wrestling, art, dance, acrobatics, music, history, fundamentals, etc.

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