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The term Nago refers to the name given to groups of runaway slaves who had been brought to Brazil from Africa during the slave trade. In 2002, the Capoeira Nago Cultural Sports Association was founded in Brazil, with the aim of supporting and facilitating Group Capoeira Nago's progress, promoting the principles and traditions of Capoeira. Combining a contemporary style, with modern aesthetics supported by physical expression. Through the evolution of educational and creative practices and in the search for new fighting techniques and physical movements, the association strives to increase the recognition of the value of Capoeira as a genuine cultural art form of Brazil. Group Capoeira Nago has become the fastest growing Capoeira group over the last few years thanks to the excellence and competence of the teachers working under the coordination of Mestre Pequines in Goiania, Brazil and across the world.

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Capoeira Nago


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Capoeira Nagô Barcelona


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Capoeira Nago NY

New York City

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C.T Capoeira Nagô Cuiabá


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